Benefits Offered by Preventative Health Care Services

Regular checkups with a person’s doctor are the best way to maintain good overall health and well-being. The fact is, chronic diseases account for approximately seven out of every 10 deaths of people in the U.S. each year and they cause 75% of all healthcare costs in the country.

What’s even worse is that chronic diseases are preventable when they are detected early through the use of screening tests. Diseases like heart disease, diabetes, and cancer are much easier to treat in the very beginning. Keep reading to learn about some other benefits offered by preventative health care services here.

Advantages of Seeking Preventative Health Care Services

The prevention of chronic diseases involves certain self-care steps, such as eating a healthy, well-balanced diet, maintaining a consistent exercise routine, and giving up unhealthy and dangerous behaviors (i.e. drinking, smoking, etc.). It’s also necessary to go to the doctor at least one time a year for a mental and physical health screening.

By seeking preventative care, a person can avoid the painful and uncomfortable symptoms related to chronic diseases and be able to actively participate in life. It can also help to prevent large medical bills and the possibility of having to file bankruptcy. Another benefit is that preventative health care services can increase a person’s lifespan and make the treatment of chronic diseases much easier.

Important Tests for Screening Purposes

Receiving the age-appropriate screening tests for various chronic diseases is one of the best ways to detect problems and prevent them. Some of the tests that should be sought include those for mental illness, diabetes, cancer, heart disease, and infections that can be prevented with a vaccine.

Each of these chronic diseases are the top causes of disabilities and death in the U.S. This means that preventative health care starts when a person is conceived and continues through their entire life.

Don’t underestimate the benefits offered by preventative health care services. Even if a person has put them off for most of their life, they can begin now and protect their health in the future. More information about these health care services are available from the team working for Jim Plante.

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