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When you’re looking for quick ways to build muscles, one of the first avenues you’ll travel in your search is through exercise options. While there is a huge list of exercises available, there are 5 of the best that help provide maximum results. Incorporate these in to your routines and you optimize growth and minimize time in the gym.

Ectomorph -has difficulty putting on either muscle or fat; Easy loser of fat/ hard gainer of muscle. This body type is characterized by a light build and slight muscular development. Ectomorphs may even have trouble gaining weight and feel they are too thin. As with other body types, people who fall into this category should exercise, but will have a different focus. Because they are often trying to gain weight, an ectomorph might spend more time on strength training and a bit less time on cardio work.

Eat simple carbohydrates like oatmeal, maybe muesli, or toasted brown bread. Eat as much fruit as you wish, but try to include a grapefruit. This is part of the day you can have honey. Enjoy it.

The second step is take control of your calorie intake. Your weight is always determined by your energy intake from your daily foods that you eat and the amount of energy you expend during the day. Energy = calories. If your weight remains constant, it is because you are taking in the same amount of calories you burn each day. When you begin to gain weight it because your caloric intake is greater than the number of calories you burn daily.

Total body or total body workouts are a personal favorite of mine and they give me excellent results. The main advantage of a full workout routine review is the time you save. Working all muscles in the body on a single day means that you don’t have to be in the gym as frequently. As a matter of fact, I am in the gym just 3 days per week. However, the workouts tend to be lengthy and especially demanding.

Do again till fatigued however do not strain. Tip: for those who discover this workout troublesome in the beginning attempt raising your legs only a little off the floor or to whatever level you discover comfortable.

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